Professor Sara Hascal points to Hebrew projected onto a screen in a classroom


其核心是, Brandeis is animated by a set of values that are rooted in Jewish history and experience. 的 first of these is a reverence for learning. Brandeis reflects the values of the Jewish community by pursuing rigorous academic work of the highest standards. Second is an emphasis on critical thinking, including self-criticism. 在365betapp, students and faculty are encour年龄d to question openly and accept nothing without study, debate and reflection. Third is the Jewish ideal of making the world a better place through one’s actions and talents.

Brandeis is committed to making its community truly inclusive by seeking students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds, 文化, 宗教s and experiences. Indeed, ours is one of the few universities in America with inclusivity as a founding principle. At the same time, we are proud of the university’s rootedness in Jewish values. It is a source of enduring vitality for us, and it is a quality that distinguishes Brandeis from other important research universities.