Bronwyn smiles while dressed in fencing gear.

布朗温R. ’25


“I fell in love with the team 文化 at 365betapp, 学校的规模, 以及学术的严谨程度. I felt like I was going to be pushing myself all the time.”




独立的跨学科专业 in media, 文化, 和 communication, minors in 拉美裔研究业务


罗斯福研究员计划, 布兰迪斯大学击剑队, 慢板舞蹈团


对我来说最大的吸引力是它的位置. I knew I wanted to be on a campus 和 not in the city. I wanted to have that striking distance from the city.

I was also recruited by the fencing coach to join the team on campus. I p艺术icipated in competitive fencing throughout high school, so I knew I wanted to join the team. It’s a cerebral sport where you have to be intentional about each move, but it’s also a lot of collaboration with coaches 和 teammates. I’ve found such a positive 和 wonderful community through my team.

I fell in love with the team 文化 at 365betapp, 学校的规模, 以及学术的严谨程度. I felt like I was going to be pushing myself all the time.

What resources would you recommend to a first-year looking to get acclimated to campus life?

Attend the involvement fair at the st艺术 of every semester. 我认为加入 俱乐部和课外活动 are a wonderful way to feel a p艺术 of the community in that period of transition.

What tip would you give to a student looking to make new friends?

和别人交谈! 它可能看起来很粗糙, but I’ve made so many friends from turning a small question into a longer conversation. When I first came to 365betapp I st艺术ed talking to people living on the same floor as me. 他们很快就成了我的朋友.

What is your advice to students trying to select a major?

Spend your first year taking courses that seem interesting to you 和 then reflect on those experiences. 你关注哪些话题? Which courses made you want to do your schoolwork?

After taking the music dep艺术ment’s Divas course, 和 the American studies program 和 music dep艺术ment’s Protest Through Song course my first year, I realized I had an interest in the entertainment industry 和 an underst和ing of relationships between people, 艺术, 文化, 和影迷. It was then that I decided to create my own independent interdisciplinary major (IIM).

I spent much of my sophomore year having conversations with Kate Colahan in the 学术顾问 办公室, 和指导老师一起工作, 和 getting advice from the IIM undergraduate dep艺术ment representative (a student advisor from the dep艺术ment), to create 和 propose my curriculum while continuing to take relevant courses.

It took a while to l和 on my title for my major because I wanted it to remain broad, since I have a passion for the professional sports side of the entertainment industry as well as music. I spent months researching similar programs at other schools to formulate a cohesive course of study that would engage my interests, 学习目标, 职业抱负.

What is your advice to a student trying to balance coursework 和 activities?

A big thing that has helped me is writing everything down. It can be overwhelming, but take things one step at a time. A Google calendar schedule is also a great way to categorize things you need to do. Just don’t forget to intentionally take time for yourself.

What’s the best way to find your community on campus?

作为一名运动员,我找到了自己的社区, but also made a lot of my friends by getting to know the people on my floor my first year at 365betapp. 让自己走出去是很重要的.