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Four students sitting at a table in the library

We are here to support you throughout all stages of your research. Learn more about our research help services and find scholarly resources below.

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We offer materials from physical and digital books to laptops and phone chargers to umbrellas and board games.

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We provide all members of the Brandeis community with training and support for project work in video production, 音频生产, digital photography, 平面设计, 3D printing and scanning, 建立原型, researching rare materials and more. Find support for your creative endeavors and unique research projects!

Archives and Special Collections Sound and Image Media Studios (SIMS) MakerLab 自动化实验室 Digital Scholarship Lab 研究空间

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Goldfarb Building in Spring
With more than 2 million volumes, 45,000种期刊和4种,000部电影, the 365betapp库 houses a growing collection in the sciences, 创造性的艺术, 人文学科, government documents, Judaica and social sciences — including rare and unique collections. 研究 materials are accessible on-site and online, and additional resources are available through the Boston 图书馆 Consortium and the Interlibrary Loan system. The 图书馆 also offers a design and fabrication lab, 计算机实验室, 学习的房间, media production studios and a writing center, as well as a Starbucks coffee shop.